Welcome to the AuraScape online store!


Here you can browse our carefully designed ranks and items to help you survive, thrive, succeed, and conquer within the Realm of Aura!


Any donations towards the server would be greatly appreciated by both the staff team and all the players that play on AuraScape!


Donations are how the server is able to stay up, running, and enjoyable for you guys to play on. Any purchases made via this webstore may take anything up to 10 minutes to go through into the game itself, so if you don't get your items, ranks, or perks right away please just be patient and you will receive what you bought!


If you have any suggestions on Perks or Items that we could add to the store, please feel free to leave a suggestion in-game in the Suggestion Box we have, which is very easy to find as soon as you get the Spawn! If the staff team likes your idea, you may see your suggestions appear on this website for everyone to enjoy!